• SWITCHING – The evolution of functional training

    SWITCHING – The evolution of functional training

    You might have noticed the addition of a new set of strange looking gym equipment at Kinetika. Read more to find out what is the science behind this range of equipment.

    Switching® is a new range of training strength machines designed to last, because the upright position is more natural for humans. This method, called Standing Workout is behind the success of this new line. Switching® is an Italian invention that won an international award for outstanding innovation. Teca is the first company that discovered this extraordinary training potential in an upright position, creating a revolutionary workout. Switching® is not just another basic design of training gear; it is a real discipline that has revolutionised the way we think about training in the gym. Switching® is ideal for specific workouts and can be used in various ways, from personal training, weight loss, individual training programs or for a group circuit training program. 

    It can be used by everyone to improve performance and its potential is limitless, being beneficial for the over 60’s, teenagers and athletes. The Switching® circuit can simultaneously improve the strength, power and endurance in the muscles, but also the cardio-respiratory system.Based on the principle of functionality the Switching® System is designed to improve balance, posture, strength and endurance in the most effective manner. You can also use other accessories to improve your cardio or increase the muscle work.

    All machines in the circuit are inspired by natural human movements, especially the most common occasions of the physical activities of daily life.

    Using circuit Switching®, through the Standing Workout , reduces the load on the spine and at the same time it stabilises muscles, especially the muscle groups that the body uses to correct the bodies posture.The condition of imbalance and instability of the upright body requires complex adaptations that emphasize the action of muscles agonists, antagonists, and stabilizers through the synergistic action of kinetic chains.

    Why do the Standing Workout?

    There are two types of muscle fibres in the body: dynamic and stabiliser. When we work on a machine we traditionally train the isotonic fibres through dynamic exercise, which is specific muscle strengthening. The exercises with the traditional strength machines are always performed in a sitting position, forcing the spine to create unnatural postures and compensations to counter react the capabilities of the joint itself. In the sitting position the load on the lumbar (L3) increases by 30 percent according to Troisier and 40 percent according to Nachemson. In order not to subject your discs on your spine to wear and tear and prevent the onset of the pain, we have to maintain the physiological curves and muscle balance. Switching® exercise improves natural body functionality involving different muscle chains while burning more calories. This optimizes the time spent while training.

    Evolution or Involution?

    Physiologists analysing obesity, cholesterol clustering, heart disease and diabetes found that the act of sitting shuts down the circulation of a fat-absorbing enzyme called lipase. They found that standing up engages muscles and promotes the distribution of lipase, which prompts the body to process fat and cholesterol, independent of the amount of time spent exercising. They also found that standing up uses blood glucose and may discourage the development of diabetes. Another benefit to standing: It improves your HDL, or good cholesterol levels. People who sat reduced their good cholesterol levels by 22 percent!”

    Chair time is an insidious hazard because people haven’t been told it’s a hazard” (Marc Hamilton, Ph.D., professor of biomedical sciences at the University of Missouri in Columbia) That’s advice worth a standing ovation!

    Focusing on core stability

    Switching, like all other Standing Innovation concepts, offers everything needed in daily life. Working in a standing position reduces training comfort zones where parts of the musculature do not contribute to the complete exercise a body needs. Ten machines address practically all muscles, muscle groups and muscle chains. And many machines offer numerous varieties of movement. This means that everyone of every stature and physical capacity can benefit from Switching.


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